Fortunately we have the chance to realize our dream. But particularly on the African continent are things we usually take for granted like staple foods, a secure water supply, medical care and mobility in no way a matter of course.

The good road alone is good not just for one.
(Proverb of the Igbo)


Therefore, we want to sell the distance we drive for the price of 1 euro per kilometer. Anyone can buy miles to his wishes by making a donation to our Fernwehge-donation project.
Every kilometer can help!

... a donations project?

Each of us knows it. Especially in the pre-Christmas time almost daily calls for donations of more or less tranparent organizations reach us . The calls are for projects around the world, now and then also from the surrounding area. But somehow you can not get a reference to the projects. You just do not know if your  donation really helps. Just recently appeared in the press always reports of abuse and donations to extremely high management fees.

For us it was important to find a project that is under the supervision of a recognized and trusted partner. Furthermore, it should be possible to make the trip to visit the spot.

Sometimes you're looking for is much closer than you think. Eventually we came up with the idea, but it took time to get in contact with the International Kolping Society. As Stephen is an volunteers for several years at the Kolping Youth, we had discovered after a few calls the appropriate contact person. They were also directly excited by our idea, and conjured up the project in donations from the hat, not what would have been better for us can be tailored.

Our donation project


Vocational Action in Uganda

Computer Skills for Youth -
be prepared for the future!

more information about our fund-raising project on the project site.

Donate our project Projekt in Kampala/Uganda now!