Travel ideas

Before leaving ... the Why? and this is why!

It was previously said the same: Who has no interest in the idea before or on a journey because he publicly criticized this as an unnecessary degree of self-presentation may hold a direct click through to the more informal side. But those who are perhaps themselves, with ideas and questions revolve bears not about technical or organizational aspects of the mag here are some suggestions or a little matter of debate.

Why write at all about a journey?

There are many reasons to make a journey and there are at least as many reasons not to do it. And also seems to agree that the thoughts one has before a trip, very different than those achievable by the trip marked the return to the head. And yet the idea before one year journey through a largely unknown continent, with very unwagen knowledge and expectations, but certainly different than before the next weekend in more or less familiar areas. This does not devalue the latter at all, for every little trip can always bring the unexpected again and expand their personal horizons and experience a little bit. So many adventures' expertise lie right on the doorstep, and it requires no exhausting arrivals or slopes. And yet, in front of such an exit is certainly not arise the question of the true, deeper meaning.

How will we communicate when the spoken local languages also share the breath of hints not the usual language culture? As we greeted each other? Will we be able to open ourselves totally alien cultures? Do we want to, anyway? The latter is certainly a question that you should clarify before departure.

What will be the real problems? Technical or human? How the body will react to the hardships? What will we eat? What happens if one of us is sick?

So many questions! Should we just stay home? I think no one should stay aware and without fear but in the knowledge of the possibilities. It is anyway an illusion to believe that you could prepare for most eventualities. It is precisely the circumstance to arise, and focus on who actually is but also exactly the meaning of such a journey. They want to see new things and experienced. To see New city, buildings, natural beauty. Meet people and cultures, see other pictures, smelling new smells.

And yes, all have already experienced many others and also written down. Some even wonderfully comprehensive, detailed and instructive. And still remains between the written words and their own feelings or always reported a natural distance. What is sitting on his torso in a warm cozy living room or lecture theater taking place in a head is still more deceptive than what one feels when in the cold, wet snow builds up his tent with almost numb and frostbitten fingers. And how much a wonderful romance that still affects you notice no later then when they say after the return of the circle of friends from the great snow experience, but was hard but nonetheless great.

These rows are invited to participate in a journey not only on the map and geographical points but also happens in the head, during and after the tour. I've always had a lot of fun to poke around the Internet and let myself be inspired by the ideas and experiences of others. Maybe it's one or the other similar in these lines.

Why a journey? As long as this!

Only when a long journey takes time and it really leaves his familiar world, it will not be a holiday but an entirely new experience. Only when the shackles of everyday life has really shaken off, will find time to reflect on themselves, to question the values that confirm or redefine them.

Why Africa?

This question is even harder to find. For me, Africa has always been a dream. But apart from a few trips to Tunisia and participa I know the continent only from books and movies. For me, Africa combines a degree of originality so much for us with a different culture and mentality. The biologist in me delights in the heart of a wonderful animal and plant world, not least because the story of Dian Fossey and the mountain gorillas made me finally to study biology.

I realize that our view on this continent is so much more romantic than the reality, but still was within me to this day a certain image of Africa, not by the genocide in Rwanda or destroys the terrible political events in many other African countries. The sheer size of the continent is in addition to the main trouble spots so much space that we hope not to get too much in touch with the mostly minority political problems.

And yet it could be South America or Asia, because the experience to get to know yourself better is certainly not tied to a continent.

Why a motorcycle?

The driving experience with a motorcycle is so much more direct than with a car. You can smell, hear and feel the environment much more intense because it is indeed more directly exposed to. Everybody driving a motorcycle himself knows this.  Who does not usually do not really understand. Certainly can be reached by car and most of the objectives, sometimes even easier and certainly safer, but besides the fun, opens the bike a different approach to people. On motorcyclists you go to open, whether out of pity or just open interest.


Why do humans travel at all?

I find this quote very well:

„This, too, so we meet people who do not think they know us and for all, so we even know what is possible for us in this life - it is already low enough.“ (Max Frisch)