Fernwehge 1.1 - now in 2 languages

It may have worked well to one or another as if I have made here in Dahab, just a mild spring. That is what determines truth to it, but I've also done a little something. We climbed up Mount Sinai - where Moses received the bids - and also finished successfully our 2nd Diving courses .

And I have, as it should be otherwise, spent some time on the computer. In recent weeks I have met fewer and fewer German travelers. But more and more often I heard that it is a pity that I do not write in English. Since Michi left on last sunday to go to Israel I have invested some time into the website.

Now it is online. Finding a version: I call it Fernwehge 1.1 ;-)
From now on I will try to write all diary entries in 2 languages. Sometimes quite difficult. But it will improve my english. Some of the old content pages are already translated. Google Translate as providing very good service. But you still have to do a lot of manual work. Furthermore, I will try to translate the older entries in the diary gradually. Suggestions on my translations desirable.

Tomorrow morning I will now depart from Dahab in the direction of "Hammam Faraoun" - the bathroom of the pharaohs - and then arrive in stock on Saturday in Cairo.