From the desert to the deep ocean

After all the turmoil in Petra / Wadi Musa, we leaved for our next destination, the Wadi Rum desert landscape. This from the stories of Prince Faisal Bin Hussein and TE Lawrence prominent area is a maze of monolithic rock formations that rise up to 1,750 meters, dominated from the desert floor. Many of these rocks are still regarded as unclimbed and there are therefore a major challenge for climbers from around the world. Due to the porous structure of the sandstone in this area the climb is also not very easy and safe.

Since we both did not have the appropriate equipment and I lack experience in climbing in the walls, we decided to go into the vast wilderness of the deep ravines. By chance we came up with Ali, the owner of a cafe / restaurant, very popular with climbers. He offered that could organize one of his brothers with us a ride into the desert and the Bedouin night in their camp. Since we have 2 nights were too expensive, we booked only one and we wanted to find a campsite for the 1 Night make. But Ali was different. Without further ado, he invited us to his home. Since the house was already overcrowded, as well as with other relatives who were visiting, we were sleeping and Ali will be in production in the well-kept, the usual fodder for donkeys or camels. In the middle of the open space, a fire was ignited around who scour the icy cold of a desert night to command. She slept wonderfully. But of course, only after hours of interviews and countless glasses of tea in the firelight.

After breakfast the next morning in Ali's Bar  we followed in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia with the SUV . The two 17-year-old drivers of our Nissan probably had just as much fun as we did. Throughout the day we went from one rock formation to another, to dunes, canyons, springs, and finally enjoyed sunset in the desert, and retired to our camp. There, Ali's older brother Matuf prepared for us a chicken and vegetable stew over the glow of the fire . Since it was almost a full moon, we took advantage of the opportunity to play around with the camera and tripod. But soon the cold drove us back to the fire and into our sleeping bags. Shortly after sunrise, we began our day again with morning tea.


After returning to "Rum Village, we launched the next stage tandem riding. Our target was Aqaba, port city from which the ferry crosses the Red Sea to Nuweiba in Egypt. To get the visa has not been a problem. I just had to wait until the holidays were over and wait with several others in the queue. But the ferry is another story. The cheaper, slow ferries has been out of order for maintainance. Only the more expensive fast ferry were available. A one-hour-trip. Sounds good. Departure at 23.00 clock 1.12. Booyah!

Ok! At 1.00 clock on 2.12. we could enter the ferry. Until we were leaving the port it took off another hour. At least, during this time we could do the entry formalities for us. Shortly after 3.00 clock the ferry arrived to Nuweiba. And again, it took one hour to leave the ship. At first we had to go to a building with some kind of Medicine Chek-Up. Place my bike, get the tank bag down. After exactly one minute I arrived at the other end of the house at the exit, hat to walk around the house, mount the tank bag again. Done. I do not know what is was for! Then we went to a place where all the vehicles rallied from the ferry. Michi and his bike were not observed. But I was  immediately catched by one of the Tourist Police Men. I might give him the red card. Eh? What is the red card? He told me that I got it together with a white peace of paper in at the Customs office in Aqaba. But I did not! I got there 2 white papers. And when you check into the ship, there has been a guy who wanted to have both The policeman was not very lucky. He told me I should go back to the ferry and wait there for him. There I had to follow him over the whole ship searching for  somebody we did not find. So back to our first meeting place. I was told to wait there for him. Done. After some time he came there and had a red card in his hand. He told me that they had forgotten to give me these. But they tried to find me by using the speakers on the ship. In Arabic! SUPER! Go on! The first time to the copy shop and buy a file and make a few copies. Pay In Egyptian pounds. I did not have EP. Where is the next ATM. Before that, however, I tried to find out how much I would need in total. Then the insurance office. Then to the Authority for import of vehicles. But this was still closed. So wait. Back to Michi. In the meantime he had eaten all his food and was sleeping. Meanwhile, 2 guyes with long pencils had to copy the chassis number and the number coming from the engine block. And, of course, I had to pay for it! Eventually, the policeman called my name across the square. The office opened the door. It went on. The first use of the Carnet de Passage. Then to a guy running around somewhere on the site. He definitely needs to write something on the Carnet. Then to the office for the registration of the vehicle. They just entered a new period of paperwork on the border. They write that now no longer just on paper, after that they type it in the computer. And that means more work. So I had to pay 10 Pound more than in the old times, they told me proudly. SUPER!

So once the paper work. And then I've also been getting out my license plates. Brand new. Only about 30 owners. Not a joke. Fast bolted to the motorcycle. And once again look back to the office to see how far the guys are there. They have done nothing yet. The computer did not work. Suddenly the Policeman remebered that my profession is "PC-Specialist". Quickly they ordered me into the glass cage with the "computer junk". There I replaced the demaged power cord by using the one from the printer. It works. At this moment the office came in the room and saw me, a tourist, in the glass room. Directly great alarm. When the guys told to him that I fixed their "Governantel PC-Sytem" - as if that were possible ;-) - everything was all right and I became a "good friend". After only a few minutes I got all my papers and I could go.

70 kilometers to Dahab. The first kilometer in Africa. Juchhuh! After 30 miles a checkpoint. Passport and ID card - the egypten papers for my motorcycle in check card format. The policeman tried 2 minutes to read my plate. I think, he did not manage to read it. It is impossible!

Now I am already the fifth day in Dahab. And I feel myself top of the world. I found a German baker. Its is not as good as at home. But nice to have a "Mohnzopf" or a Brötchen" or "Bretzel". I find a Yamaha dealer. They let me use their tools . Get there, take a little time for maintenance. But actually I was the last days mostly under water, and took part in a diving course. We are now "Open Water Diver" and still make a jump to the "Advanced operas Water Diver". The world beneath the surface is simply fascinating, and the play in the "weightlessness" is great. Even otherwise, the people - locals and tourists - are very relaxed. I will stay here some time and enjoy it.

As always, of course, pictures and route!