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This journey is yours!


Travel improves the mind wonderfully, and does away with all one’s prejudices.
(Oscar Wilde 1854-1900)


Who is not dreaming of following his heart to visit foreign countries, to get in touch with different cultures and conventions.

I would like to make my dream come true. I'll gone take up to 12 month to go around with my motorbike to let this adventure become true. [further thoughts]

At the same time I would like to use this journey to support a social project in Kampala/Uganda. In co-operation with Kolping international I started a donation action. We collect donations for the establishment of a further education center in Kampala. [further informations]

für unser Projekt in Kampala!
Donate our project Projekt in Kampala/Uganda now!
Fernwehge - Der Reiz der Weite

News from the diary

Back in Nairobi.
More than 2 weeks since we left the Kenyan capital have passed. Enough time that the problems should be resolved on my motorcycle. In between I had talked with Kenyi, the...[more]

Addis is behind us. Again we are on the way south to the Omo Valley. But this time I finally sit on my bike. We take the route to Yabello quite rapidly under the wheels. But it is always given the...[more]

Now I'm already a bit longer on the road. In a few days it will be 6 months. I have seen many people, gigantic and breathtaking buildings, endless landscape, went down to the depth of 30 meters water...[more]

The arrival in Addis...[more]